Commit 1404a0cc authored by Victor Yacovlev's avatar Victor Yacovlev

Update .gitlab-ci.yml

parent afb4f546
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......@@ -51,9 +51,9 @@ dist:win32:
- md kumir2-master-%CI_PIPELINE_ID%\bin\
- md kumir2-master-%CI_PIPELINE_ID%\lib\
- md kumir2-master-%CI_PIPELINE_ID%\share\
- copy /Y -R bin kumir2-master-%CI_PIPELINE_ID%\bin
- copy /Y -R lib kumir2-master-%CI_PIPELINE_ID%\lib
- copy /Y -R share kumir2-master-%CI_PIPELINE_ID%\share
- xcopy /Y /S /E bin kumir2-master-%CI_PIPELINE_ID%\bin
- xcopy /Y /S /E lib kumir2-master-%CI_PIPELINE_ID%\lib
- xcopy /Y /S /E share kumir2-master-%CI_PIPELINE_ID%\share
- copy /Y ..\LICENSE_RU.rtf kumir2-master-%CI_PIPELINE_ID%\
- copy /Y %QTDIR%\bin\icudt54.dll kumir2-master-%CI_PIPELINE_ID%\bin\
- copy /Y %QTDIR%\bin\icuin54.dll kumir2-master-%CI_PIPELINE_ID%\bin\
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