Commit 6b3dfa54 authored by Alexander A. Maly's avatar Alexander A. Maly

Ignoring Qt 5.13 deprecated warnings

In Qt 5.13 deprecated warnings became too obtrusive.
It is not enough anymore to not define QT_DEPRECATED_WARNINGS to avoid them.
From now on it is necessary to define QT_NO_DEPRECATED_WARNINGS.
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......@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@ set(KUMIR2_SDK_SCRIPTS_DIR "${KUMIR2_RESOURCES_DIR}/devel")
# Compile flags
set(KUMIR2_CXXFLAGS "-fno-exceptions -std=c++0x -fPIC -DAPPLE -Wno-inconsistent-missing-override")
set(KUMIR2_CXXFLAGS "-fno-exceptions -std=c++0x -fPIC -DAPPLE -Wno-inconsistent-missing-override -DQT_NO_DEPRECATED_WARNINGS")
set(KUMIR2_CXXFLAGS_Debug "-g -O0 -Werror -Wreorder -Wreturn-type -Wno-error=unused-variable -Wno-error=unused-parameter")
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