Commit aefd1dc2 authored by Denis Khachko's avatar Denis Khachko

Vodoley mutex lock

parent a1e5a4ee
...@@ -662,8 +662,8 @@ void Vodoley::updateMenzur() ...@@ -662,8 +662,8 @@ void Vodoley::updateMenzur()
Ctext->setPos(255,15+(maxSize()-Csize())*literSize); Ctext->setPos(255,15+(maxSize()-Csize())*literSize);
mutex.unlock(); mutex.unlock();
view->update(); //view->update();
scene->update(); //scene->update();
updateNeedBirka(); updateNeedBirka();
if(Csize()<1)emit CNull();else emit CNotNull(); if(Csize()<1)emit CNull();else emit CNotNull();
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